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Aloo Tikki

aloo tikki

Aloo Tikki is a popular snack and is often used in all the north indian Chaat and also in burgers as patties. Aloo Tikki, when placed between bread slices along with veggies makes a yummy sandwich. Aloo Tikki is crispy outside and spongy inside and it makes a real treat to taste buds at any time and is loved by both kids and adults. It makes a tasty bite for any rainy or chilly day to make it even more special...

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Quick Bread Pizza


Made this Bread Pizza on one of those very lazy cooking days for a simple yet rich dinner. It’s a very economical and easier way to suppress your pizza cravings and makes a great kids lunch box too and they would love you more for this truly.

Just apply pizza or pasta sauce generously on bread slices, top with chopped vegetables that you like, sprinkle pizza seasoning or mixed herbs and top it with a slice of cheese...

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Venthaya Keerai (Fenugreek leaves) Salad


Most of know about this iron and fiber rich Fenugreek leaves / Vendhaya Keerai. Fenugreek leaves or seeds are very beneficial to cool our body, prevent hair loss, for lactating women etc etc. The juice made by crushing these leaves is the perfect health drink to control the hormonal level of insulin in the blood and is a must note point for diabetics. So do include these leaves in any form in your diet regularly...

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Pazham Pori


This is our traditional snack and a popular dish in Kerala, usually sold even in road side tea-shops there.. It is a sweet dish made with ripe plantains dipped in flour mixed with sugar. It is very simple to prepare and goes well with a cup of chai (tea).

Long pazham pori fried in coconut oil and wrapped in banana leaf that are sold in the train by the mobile vendors makes an excellent nostalgic memory and is a part of our cherished summer vacation during childho...

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Chicken Cutlet


Chicken Cutlet is nothing but a shallow or deep fried patties that can be prepared with vegetables or meat or fish or any fillings of your choice. They are often served as a tea time snack or at kitty tea parties. The cutlets also makes a great and a filling lunch box dish for your kids when placed between 2 slices of bread or bun :-)

The patties can be made well in advance and stored in fridge even upto 2 weeks or more in freezer but me being a person who doesn...

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