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Crispy French Fries

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French fries are very delicious to eat. This is the best and simple snack ever and liked by everyone. Always for the crispy fries , make twice fry(which is double deep fry)..The best side dish is tomato ketchup....

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Venthaya Keerai (Fenugreek leaves) Salad


Most of know about this iron and fiber rich Fenugreek leaves / Vendhaya Keerai. Fenugreek leaves or seeds are very beneficial to cool our body, prevent hair loss, for lactating women etc etc...

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Pazham Pori


This is our traditional snack and a popular dish in Kerala, usually sold even in road side tea-shops there.. It is a sweet dish made with ripe plantains dipped in flour mixed with sugar. It is very simple to prepare and goes well with a cup of chai (tea).

Long pazham pori fried in coconut oil and wr...

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Chicken Cutlet


Chicken Cutlet is nothing but a shallow or deep fried patties that can be prepared with vegetables or meat or fish or any fillings of your choice. They are often served as a tea time snack or at kitty tea parties...

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