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Chicken – KFC Style

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So…I am coming up with a post on everyone’s favourite…… YES…. KFC type fried chicken. These days we are receiving lot of stories / fwds about these types of outlets and the chickens they use & outside gulf countries, the halal varieties are not available much. But why  she should we resist our temptation when we have a simple alternative of doing this at home, yes….if we really crave to have thoese crispy yummy fried chicken, why not try it at home...

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Ramadaan is here and what we love about it apart from all the spiritual aspects of Ramadan is having the delicious lip-smacking juicy Haleem. The classic Mughal delicacy of boiled mutton, lentils and wheat is a treat for all non-veg lovers. The very smell and flavor leaves us craving for more. There is something about the taste of haleem that converts even the most stubborn dissenter into a diehard fan...

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Ramadan Mubarak!


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