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Gobi 65 is Aj’s most favourite in this whole universe.Yeah,that’s how he says. I usually make crispy cauliflowers with simply sambar powder and corn flour.It’s best accompaniment as varuval for our south Indian meals. But if he wants as a snack for eating alone, then I have to make this way. I have adapted the recipe from Pavi’s space, but tweaked a bit according to my convenience and taste. I must thank her for sharing the recipe, both Aj & Vj loves this way...

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Aloo Tikki

aloo tikki

Aloo Tikki is a popular snack and is often used in all the north indian Chaat and also in burgers as patties. Aloo Tikki, when placed between bread slices along with veggies makes a yummy sandwich. Aloo Tikki is crispy outside and spongy inside and it makes a real treat to taste buds at any time and is loved by both kids and adults. It makes a tasty bite for any rainy or chilly day to make it even more special...

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Chicken Cutlet


Chicken Cutlet is nothing but a shallow or deep fried patties that can be prepared with vegetables or meat or fish or any fillings of your choice. They are often served as a tea time snack or at kitty tea parties. The cutlets also makes a great and a filling lunch box dish for your kids when placed between 2 slices of bread or bun :-)

The patties can be made well in advance and stored in fridge even upto 2 weeks or more in freezer but me being a person who doesn...

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Rasmalai is a popular Bengali dessert/sweet made by soaking soft paneer balls (Rasgullas) in a sweetened milk called rabri and served chilled, garnished with nuts. The name Ras Malai comes from two parts in Hindi: “Ras” meaning “juice” and “Malai”, meaning “cream”. (Wikipedia)

I had quite a fans for my Rasmalai at work place :-) and it was always a hit among everyone that i served it to...

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